Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Fault in Our Moon

“What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person." - John Green, Paper Town

"How's school?" They ask
"Fine," I answer
"Hypocrite" They say

So, school sometimes are fun, I mean you got to meet your friends (although I prefer sleeping at home, but still)
So anyway, I decided to blog today, because :
one, I've abandoned this blog for months
Two, I'm bored
Three, I'm bored
Four, I'm bored
And so on
So... What should I talk about?
Katy Perry is awesome. Frozen is now my favourite Disney Movie. Valentine is tomorrow. Jourdan Miller is my fav model at the moment. I've been reading John Green, Looking for Alaska (PG 13 please), an Abundance of Katherine (Which I don't really recommend since it's very complicated), Paper Towns (Hell yes I recommend this), and Looking for Alaska (Which I'm currently reading, but I can tell that it's good). Oh and my vision is getting worse and blurry...

I have a lot of projects to do, Math, Chemistry, Business, Commerce, Economics, English. I'm lucky as Chinese project ended a week ago and no project for History. So I can now listen to Beyonce's album, Beyonce. 

Did I ever mention that I love Ariana Grande? Well, yea, I do love her so much in fact (of course I love One Direction the most, duh). Oh and have you listen to 5SOS single? Great eh? 

I had a dream. A dream whereby I close my eyes and picture myself traveling around the world with a small backpack, alone. Yes I'm alone, but I'm alone AND free.No school, no annoying teachers, and no snobby neighbours (oops). It's just me and my backpack. Sometimes, being a backpacker is fun they said. But I'm very sure it is. Backpack being your only friend and bestfriend while you're somewhere and want to be alone. How bad could that be?

Monday, September 30, 2013

Tommo boy

Diana ,
Let me be the one to light fire inside those eyes 
you can own me
you don't even know me 

You see, things have been so messed up lately . im trying to balance my study with my social life (aka twitter) . and both are important to me . study is important for my future (duh) and my social life on twitter is just sooo niceee . I mean , people there are so fucking nice , they will actually communicate with you and i can say whatever i want without getting judge or receiving weird looks from people . while people on real life dont even give 2 shits about what you're up to , they just DONT care . i have more friends on twitter than i do on real life .
and when you post things and say how insecure you are or blablabla , they will actually respond and say sweet things to you , and that makes me feel wanted . while people on real life will just walk away . oh and im also dealing with haters online but hey , some people actually defended me unlike those in real lifes . oops .
but of course there are also people who are fucking nice around me . but thats very little as i have so little friend in school . and you know , i dont even give a shit about those 3 . oops .