Monday, September 30, 2013

Tommo boy

Diana ,
Let me be the one to light fire inside those eyes 
you can own me
you don't even know me 

You see, things have been so messed up lately . im trying to balance my study with my social life (aka twitter) . and both are important to me . study is important for my future (duh) and my social life on twitter is just sooo niceee . I mean , people there are so fucking nice , they will actually communicate with you and i can say whatever i want without getting judge or receiving weird looks from people . while people on real life dont even give 2 shits about what you're up to , they just DONT care . i have more friends on twitter than i do on real life .
and when you post things and say how insecure you are or blablabla , they will actually respond and say sweet things to you , and that makes me feel wanted . while people on real life will just walk away . oh and im also dealing with haters online but hey , some people actually defended me unlike those in real lifes . oops .
but of course there are also people who are fucking nice around me . but thats very little as i have so little friend in school . and you know , i dont even give a shit about those 3 . oops .

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